Robbert de Kruijff 2522315 Week 47 Internship

Robbert de Kruijff 2522315 Week 47 Internship

This week, one of the group member and I went on to make the video we wanted regarding our challenge. It turned out that is was a lot more work then expected, gladly we have enough time to realize this part of our challenge. The idea for the video is to make a video in which we try to get to the family member of the entrepreneurs who are having trouble to keep running their business. We are going to make a video from the point of view of some of these family members and create a realistic but shocking situation these people might be in or might be in in the future. Last week we managed to get a director for our movie and she seems to have a good overview of everything we need.

Right now it is particularly important to get a good script so we can reach out to people we need to get them to be enthusiastic about this video. After having the script we will first need a camera, with a cameraman who is also willing and able to edit the video once it has been filmed. We also will need line for after the movie so people will remember it and hopefully take matter into their own hands. We also will still need to think about were the video will be shown, on Twitter, Facebook or on tv or through radio. We also will need legally correct music for the background sound. And of course we will have to think about actors, our director has got a network to reach out for, but she says that for these kinds of projects, well-known actors might be interested to play a part in our video. This is because they also only work in projects and often don’t have work. At last we will need to think how we are going to spend our budget, since we also need to make a leaflet from this money.

Joep van Gelder, week 47, internship blog ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder, week 47, internship blog ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder


Hello there once again. As you might know by now, we have had another meeting today. This time, we discussed the draft version of our survey with our internship guide. We concluded that the draft survey was too long for the participating students. It is therefore that we decided to stick to three key elements, namely demography aspects, competences and ambition. Furthermore, we will use some of the subdivisions that we already chose, such as, but not limited to opportunity recognition and risk-taking propensity. The draft version was, besides in Word, also entered into Qualtrics, which will be the eventual questionnaire format that we will use.

On next week’s Wednesday, we will have our first interview with a gazelle firm which is located in Alkmaar and was nominated for several gazelle awards of Financieel Dagblad over the last five years. Furthermore, we will welcome some students of our internship guide’s course in the master entrepreneurship, who have missed a working college and have to do a substitute assignment. The six students will form a ‘test panel’ for our survey. They will fill it in and together we will discuss it. Furthermore, they will hand in a scientific article about gazelle firms or gazelle entrepreneurs. They don’t know, however, that we already have a list of articles ourselves. In this way we can see whether they will come up with different articles then we did.

Last but not least – you already guessed I it right – our regular visitor passed by again. This time, he showed us an article that was not yet on our list with references. It is about characteristics of rapid growth firms and their founders. You can understand that this is very interesting for us, seen as our research is about spotting gazelle entrepreneurs and identifying them based on their characteristics. See you all next week!

Robbert de Kruijff week 47 Entrepreneurship Networks

Robbert de Kruijff week 47 Entrepreneurship Networks

For these weeks assignment regarding networks I interviewed both a male and a female entrepreneur using a list of question. After asking these questions, I try to find out together with this particular entrepreneur what the social network dimension are subject of improvement for him or her.

To even out as much as variety as possible, both male and female entrepreneurs are owners of a café in the city I am from in about the same area.

For the female entrepreneur she and I concluded she might do some more about tie sorting and prestigious tie seeking practises, this is because she thought her bar is visited more then enough but didn’t realise she could benefit more from a better and bigger network then she already does from the great place she has her café.

The male entrepreneur mentioned especially to do more with undirected signalling and digital dyadic signalling, since he has got no time to keep up with Twitter and Facebook himself. He does see the importance and thinks there is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe he will make one of his employees responsible for this social media aspect of his business.

Both entrepreneurs engaged a lot in event, apparently a very efficient way to get people to their business. This is quite logical because to like a bar as a costumer you have to have been there once and really had a impression of the atmosphere.

Writing blogs or using Twitter or Linked-In does not have any direct effect for their business due to both entrepreneurs, again this has to do with their line of work and the target group they have for their businesses, which are mostly students.

I think the difference in gender in this line of business results mostly in the male entrepreneur being more practical, so having a big and good network around him and the female being more promotional, making more use of Facebook to attract costumers.