Robbert de Kruijff week 45 EN

Robbert de Kruijff week 45 EN

The assignment for this week is to look at my own network using TouchGraph, which creates a picture of my network with different colours for different clusters.

Three different clusters are at first, obviously the red cluster which I will name “Unitas” from now, the green cluster, “Boni” and the blue which

I will call “old friends” from now. The reason why these three clusters are separated from each other is because they played a part in my life at different periods. Obviously, I know my old friends from when I was very young, which includes people different ages but most of them higher educated, the group Boni was the group of people I got to knew when I went to high school and the group Unitas plays the biggest part now because it I got to learn them as a student and still have contact with them. Both the Boni and Unitas are clusters with about my age and most of them also higher educated.

If I would be starting my own retail shop I think my old friends would be very useful as consult, they are more experienced people with their own career paths. The cluster Boni could perhaps help me becoming national or with contacts in other cities, since they all moved out of the city I’m from, Utrecht. Then Unitas I think can help me with a lot, because there are a lot of students with different expertise’s and with different network for themselves and often without of barely any costs. For instance people who know a lot about marketing or people who can help me with financial administration.

Burt (2000) divides being in-between two clusters of social network in to two types of positions. Tertius gaudens meaning, “the laughing third” and Tertius iungens meaning, “the connecting third”. My position between Boni and Unitas is I think as Burt (2000) would call it a Tertius iungens, meaning I connect the to clusters in some ways rather then having a competitive advantage of some sort.

When Seeing the network in Pyramid layout and looking at the upper levels I notice in particular that people knowing more people from different clusters or are maybe even part of these clusters are on top of the pyramid.

Network Robbert

TouchGraph – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

TouchGraph – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Entrepreneurship & Networks


Welcome to my blog again! This week’s assignment is to discuss the content of my social network using the Facebook application Touchgraph.

As you can see in the picture above, there are many clusters. The reddish cluster for example, which represents people I know from high school (age: 18-22). Or the light green one above, which represents ‘the Egyptian community’ in the Netherlands (age: 16-30). There also is the blue cluster, which represents my family in Egypt (age: 10-50). I will focus on these three large unconnected clusters while discussing the content of my network.

The clusters currently are unconnected because I know them from different locations. Now let’s imagine that I’ll start a retail web shop. To which extent would I find opportunities, resources or legitimacy in these three clusters? My family in Egypt (blue cluster), would only be helpful if the web shop is international because then they can help me with gaining legitimacy. The ‘Egyptian community’ in the Netherlands (green cluster) would also be very helpful to gain legitimacy among the Egyptians living here and their friends. Some of them could also provide me with some resources like website designs, advertising, products, etc. The last cluster (the reddish one) however, could help me to find opportunities because most of them are weak ties which are more useful than strong ties in gaining instrumental goals.

As a central person between these unconnected clusters I could play two roles, a tertius gaudens or tertius jugens. I definitely am a tertius jugens. As an example I’ll take my family (blue) and high school (reddish) clusters. One of my high school friends (DR, big node between blue and reddish cluster) is one of my best friends and as a tertius jugens I connected her to my family cluster. I also connected her to the light green (Egyptian friends in the Netherlands) cluster. The result of this acting is that I strengthen the ties between me and my friends because there’s a third party involved.

I hope you liked the analysis of my social network on Facebook.

Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 45 – Dina Zaouid

Internship blog

Here I am again, writing about my internship at Enactus. Last week I told you about our initial plan, reducing the amount of abandoned boats in the canals of Amsterdam by recycling them, but as I mentioned it turned out that the costs were unaffordable. I also mentioned that we already had an alternative idea and I know that because I left you in curiosity last week you are here again waiting for me to tell you about our new idea. Not curious? Oh ha-ha, you should be!

Anyway, our new idea definitely is about one of the hippest topics at the moment among the sustainable and social enterprises. It’s about thrown away food, fruit and vegetables in particular, because they are misshaped. Kind of harsh actually, I mean, would you like to be thrown away because you have a bump on your cheek? Okay, I’m sorry, I’m trying to be funny or something today, but it doesn’t seem to work because you’re not laughing (which I completely understand). Back to our idea, it seems that there is so much wasted food because the consumers don’t like ‘misshaped’ fruit or vegetables. For instance if a cucumber is curved, the farmer will throw it away because there’s no demand for it, or sometimes they sell it for one tenth of the initial price. It’s really ridiculous and not-understandable that this happens, and we, in corporation with Enactus, are going to stop this!

The idea is that we buy the misshaped food from farmers for a lower price, change it into a product, and resell it for an acceptable price. A related idea is to give for every sold product, a product to the food bank. This way we do not only reduce the amount of waste in Amsterdam, but we also create social value. Ideally, we would connect the food bank with the farmers and let them exchange the products themselves.

I’m very enthusiastic about this idea and I believe that it’s very reliable to start this enterprise before the end of our internship. Stay tuned to read about our progress!

Guido Spooren, Week 45, Entrepreneurship & Networks Assignment 2

Guido Spooren, Week 45, Entrepreneurship & Networks Assignment 2

Hi readers, welcome to my second blog about Entrepreneurship and Networks!

In this blog I will be talking about a big part of my network, which is can stay in contact with through Facebook. In the picture above, you can see a this network and how everyone in my network is connected with everyone else (colored ties and clusters)! In order to do this, I used the Facebook app “TouchGraph”.

I will discuss 3 of those clusters, which are: 1.) volleyball friends (big light blue cluster on the left), which are (surprisingly…) most of my friends from volleyball, 2.) Caland friends (small yellow cluster on top), which are most of my friends from my second high school, and 3.) KKC friends (purple cluster on the right), which are most of my friends from my first high school. Of course there are some ties between some people from those clusters, but not a lot, which is why I consider all 3 unconnected from each other.

When I’m imagining myself as an entrepreneur starting up a retail web shop, I think that for each cluster, hip things like the newest technology, games, but also things like clothes are all great opportunities of selling a lot, since everyone (besides a couple of persons from the volleyball friends cluster) are students (ages 18-22). As for those volleyball friends, volleyball related articles like shoes or ankle braces will be selling very well too. As for resources, I think that we can find a lot of it in a very broad range of sectors and mainly in the form of information, since almost everyone is a student and a lot of them study all different kind of things.

There are not a lot of differences between those clusters concerning social resources. As described above, this will mainly be information, which will probably vary a lot, but not just between the 3 clusters, also in a cluster itself. This counts the same for education level. Interesting thing to see is that most people from every cluster study at a university. There are however significant differences in geographical regions. People from the KKC friends cluster mainly come from Amstelveen, the Caland friends mainly come from Amsterdam, and my volleyball friends come from all over the Netherlands.

I consider myself as a tertius iungens between any of the clusters, since I am always trying to help people and setting up connections between different people, since I know so much different people with various backgrounds and studies (and therefore varying knowledge).

When I revisualize my network in ‘pyramid layout’ , I can see that the ones on top of the pyramid are both my best and closest friends and the ones with connections to most of my other friends.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully you will read my next week’s blog as well! 🙂


Guido Spooren, Week 45, Starting as a Group

Guido Spooren, Week 45, Starting as a Group

Hi readers, welcome to my eighth  blog about my internship at Feniksgroep.

As I told in my last week’s blog, the other group of 3 had a partially similar idea to ours, which eventually meant that a mix of both our ideas was picked. The challenge ahead is to make both a flyer for the family of the entrepreneur, since they are very close to him/her, and a movie in which we present the importance of exit strategies, which is also directed to the family of the entrepreneur. All of us thought that we could accomplish a lot with this, since almost always family is very important for the entrepreneur, and they play a big role in recognizing problems and eventually helping the entrepreneur in any way necessary.

Last Monday, we sat together with our group of 6 in order to make everything clear to every member of the group; we had to set deadlines, discuss on what we had to do exactly on every facet of the project and make a task division. We spent a lot of time on each of those parts, in order to make sure that nothing will backfire at the end of the challenge. I think that the good thing is that all 6 of us had their saying in everything and we worked very well together. We already made a script for the movie, so all we have to do now is find proper actors and someone who has experience with both filming and editing movies (that is one of my personal tasks). This might not sound as a lot of work, but it sure is. And I haven’t even talked about the folder yet…

I think that basically, everything comes down to contacting the right people, retrieving the right information and making sure everything is feasible. I’m sure we can manage that as a group!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully you will read my next week’s blog as well! 🙂


Robbert de Kruijff 7-11-2014 Week 45 internship

Robbert de Kruijff 7-11-2014 Week 45 internship

This week was our first meeting as a group of six people working on our challenge. In a room at the Vrije Universiteit we sat together started to make a plan for our video and our leaflet. For the video and the leaflet we will not use the entrepreneur directly as our targeted audience. We decided to use the direct family, in particular the partner and the children, since we think that if direct family tells an entrepreneur their in trouble and need to think about exit strategy, the entrepreneur will listen and consider thinking about it. This will eventually make our challenge a success. After asking an expert on exit strategy, an entrepreneur who gone bankrupt, he confirmed this could work we decided to work on our video and leaflet with this targeted audience.

The main question for our first meeting was how the video and the leaflet will going to look like, to have the highest chance to reach the direct family of the entrepreneurs.

For the leaflet we thought it is important to have an “eye catcher”. This eye catcher must be striking, simple and easy to read. So it could be something like “de schijf van 5”, a Dutch simple figure which explain everything you need for a healthy diet. For this we decided to do a surrey on people who actually gone bankrupt and know what factors are essential when entrepreneurs are in need of an exit strategy. From that we hope to create our own figure with the essentials when entrepreneurs are in need of an exit strategy.Schijf_van_Vijf

For the video we wrote some sort of a script with scenes with the aim to create a shock-effect or to create a recognisable situation for the direct family members of entrepreneurs. We sent the script to some film and theatre experts and are waiting for their feedback.

Entrepreneurship and Networks – week 45 – Tom Willemse

Entrepreneurship and Networks – week 45 – Tom Willemse

Dear readers,

This week my blog will be about my personal network. Based on my TouchGraph Clustermap I’ve seen several things.

Group one is the blue cluster on the left hand, these are my (former) colleagues at Red Bull. Also the yellow ones next to it are my female colleagues. Everyone knows the Red Bull wings but no one knows the male students that work at Red Bull. We almost never work together and that’s why they are two clusters. They’re unconnected because my colleagues are from all over the Netherlands while the other clusters are based in a city.

Group two is the brownish cluster at the bottom. They are my friends I made after studying a year in Groningen. They seem to be connected with other clusters because some of them attended secondary school in Hilversum. That’s why we have mutual friends. Part of the cluster are the green connections. They were my roommates in Groningen, that’s also why both clusters are connected.

Group three is the purple cluster at the top. These are the people I know from the small village I grew up: Nigtevecht. Most of them prefer to stay and not move to another place, this is why they’re not connected to any other people I know.

If I compare the three groups both my colleagues and friends in Groningen all have a higher education and have been or are currently a student at the HBO or University. For the job at Red Bull it’s a requirement and from my friends in Groningen I’ve met them at the university. At the other hand, the people I know from the purple cluster are people I met at primary school. They all have a different education but also other interests.

I can consider myself a tertius junges, because most clusters are now connected but wouldn’t be otherwise. I introduced a lot of friends at my work but also introduced some other friends from my secondary school to other people in Groningen. Ofcourse there are more clusters but in this case I can say I’m the connecting third.

Tom Willemse