Entrepreneurship and networks – assignment 1 – Tom Willemse – week 44

Entrepreneurship and networks – assignment 1 – Tom Willemse – week 44

Hi readers,

This week I’ll be writing another blog about entrepreneurship and networks, this week the social part of it. In this case I will use information from an older analysis, the biography of Dirk Scheringa. Dirk Scheringa is (or better: was) the man behind the DSB bank, which went bankrupt not so long ago. He made a billion euro company, which he couldn’t do without the help of others. His wife and friends made him do the first step. He opened up a tax consultancy bureau, without his wife and friends he would still be a policeman. They encouraged him to start his own business, while his wife always helped him. His friends and family had connections to even more people that wanted advice from Dirk Scheringa. Eventually they even asked for loans instead of only tax advice. At a sudden point they both worked 14 hours a day 7 days a week. This small business eventually would become the DSB bank.

Later on, Dirk wanted to open up an art museum. But a municipal officer said he the papers were not right. A week later Dirk ran into the mayor at a party, Dirk wanted an elucidation. The mayor couldn’t change the decision but what he could do is offering an old church to Dirk, hat was much better. Without the help of the mayor or the help of local authorities it’s hard to get things done because of the bureaucratic system. Keeping this in mind, Dirk always sends people flowers when something happened to them, even though he met them only once.

Tom Willemse