Blog (Status Report) – Internship: ACE

Blog (Status Report) – Internship: ACE

On Tuesday we had a meeting with Peter van Meersbergen at Science Park. In his opinion, students who are entrepreneurial enough will find the opportunities provided by Science Park by them selves, and therefore no extra communication between students is needed. However, we think that it is very important to raise awareness between students not only because they would know what is happening in Science Park (and probably build their business ideas in the incubator in the future) but also because if Science Park wants to be international entrepreneurial hub, outside communication can be seen one of the key activities when it comes to branding it.

It is also not only entrepreneurship minor students, who are interested in becoming entrepreneur, but also people from other faculties with different minors. Not all entrepreneur minor students want to become an entrepreneur anyway: Many of us are mainly interested in understanding the bigger picture and what kind of economical, political and institutional aspects play a roll within a process and how entrepreneurship affect on them. However, there are many students outside the minor who can have a business idea and want to become an entrepreneur in the future. These students should also be reached.

After the meeting we had another meeting with Eric and we outlined the main focus points for our final presentation. Therefore, this week we have been focused on creating a rough craft version of the power point and creating a financial plan and road mapping for the business plan. The financing should be part of the public sector and the product is easy to sell due to the fact that University/education is part of the public sector funded common commodity. Public sector´s essential goal is to integrate the ideas into innovative solutions that help knowledge-intensive businesses, impact positively to the city´s status as an academic and entrepreneurial hub, and reduce academic unemployment, which can be seen as a huge pan-European problem.

Table of Contents for our presentation will be the following: After introduction we will tell about the Valorization project. Then we will talk about the Ecosystem in general and compare different ecosystems. After that, we will shortly introduce the ideas what actions could be taken in Science Park and, finally, we will tell about our idea of creating a Student Association.

J. Toivonen 2553998

J. Maessen 2564136

M. Kappe 1873024


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