Group of six, Robbert de Kruijff 2522315 Week 2

Group of six, Robbert de Kruijff 2522315 Week 2

This week, after two weeks of holiday we picked up on our challenge for the internship and also started our new course Entrepreneuring in Amsterdam. For the next weeks out attention will be divided in both the challenge and the project handed to us by our teacher.

The challenge is still very much in progress, in 2 weeks we are planning on filming for one whole day. We already arranged the script, the cameraman, the actors, the director and an editor to eventually complete our video clip on our subject. This week we had contact with the supervisor of our internship and she approved the script and liked it.

For the assignment of Entrepreneuring in Amsterdam we started off with two teams of three, but since we are together with six and already had the battle which after we united to a group of six working for the company of the internship, the coordinator of the course decided to agree to let us do the assignment with six. Then this week we sat together and started and try to understand the whole assignment and try to get a good overview of it. We experienced it quite different to make a business model canvas or create a business plan for our internship company, because it is simply not a company. Our business model canvas needs to be filled out and worked out for a foundation. This means there is not a big financial plan, or does not have the goal to create profit. The goal of this foundation is to help as much entrepreneurs having trouble keeping their business as possible.

Our challenge was to create awareness amongst entrepreneurs that there is a possibility of failure when starting a company. Combining the challenge with the assignment we concluded it is the most useful to make a business plan and a business model canvas for our company with the goal to get as much entrepreneurs with trouble to contact with the foundation.

Robbert de Kruijff
Guido Spooren
Jonas Vermaas
Floris den Boer
Ine van der Spek
Sacha van Ravenswade


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