Dear readers,

We have had an exiting journey trough the world of entrepreneurship but it’s not over yet! The first two months are behing us and we have a couple of weeks left for the internships. Over the previous weeks I kept you posted on the topic of circular economy and the running project at the Enactus organization. We have done extensive research on the issue and got a better idea of the surrounding field of interest. Now we know what the project is going to be we are about to write our business plan, seeing that that is also the final assignment in this course. Our team member Dina has decided she wants to stay abroad for a longer period of time so I’m left with Pieter-Bas but im sure we’ll do just fine. In the upcoming week we will be talking to our teacher and to Aron, our mentor through Enactus. Between those two meetings we will draw up the business canvas model. This is a model of a business plan where al the facets of start-up businesses are portrayed. Once we put al the investigated pieces together in this model we can work towards our final business plan. The final assignment consists out of the business plan, which is due the 2nd of Februari, and the presentation about the same topic on the 28th of Januari. Till then we have a lot more work to do so we’ll keep you posted.


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