Seeds, Entr in Amsterdam Blog 1

Seeds, Entr in Amsterdam Blog 1

This week we started with the course Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. The objective of this course is to write a business plan for our partner organization, SEEDS, where we apply knowledge acquired in the prior courses of the Minor Entrepreneurship.

We met as a group this week to brainstorm on the proposed solution. In our case this is the hardest part since SEEDS company structure is different from most companies plus the current situation the company is in, doesn’t allow them to function the way they want to. This brings us to our first obstacle. How do you write a realistic business plan for a company that can’t fully operate the way they want to because of certain rules and regulations? For example SEEDS does not have any budget, which hinders much of our solutions since they are not feasible without a budget. Currently the company is also operating with 3 employees. It is easy for us to come up with a business plan how to attract more entrepreneurs for SEEDS but with their current company situation and budget most of the plans would be fiction and not realistic. In our last meeting we discussed another possible proposed solution, that was to look why and how it is possible that SEEDS has almost no active campaigns and to improve that. But in our research in the previous months we have seen that the reason there for is that SEEDS main goal at the moment is to get integrated in the system of ABN-Amro and there for they are not focusing on their website and other important factors which are necessary to have a successful crowdfunding platform. Getting integrated in ABN-Amro is a long term process, where we can’t have any influence on.

Today we started with our business plan. We made the description of challenge and the description of the partner, this can be seen as a sort of introduction of our business plan. We also started developing the CANVAS business model with the several elements where SEEDS can improve. However, before we start to work on our solution we will have a talk with Irma Borst on how to develop a feasible solution without a budget. This talk is scheduled this afternoon. We want to sort things out, before we start doing things that eventually are not good or significant.


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