Lucie Swart_week 51_voordekunst

Lucie Swart_week 51_voordekunst

Hi fellow bloggers,

The end of this minor has come… In January we will completely focus on the internship of Voordekunst and I’m looking forward! Last Wednesday, we had a meeting with Kristel from voordekunst. We discussed the work that we handed in. Due to the exams and essay we had to write we did not had time to meet last week.

For the 6th of January, then we have a meeting again, we need to complete the notes Kristel made. We have to create a framework per person about the motivation why people donate money. This meeting we will discuss them all and choose one to be the best. Moreover our original theoretical framework is too broad. We need to distinguish the motivation theory. Now we also have to deal with overlap, so we need to read it all and determine which motives people have to donate. Besides this, we need to distinguish the motives in three or even more categories. Now we have 7 categories, which is a little but too much. Examples of categories why people donate are for example status, which include prestige and status in community. Another category is efficacy, which include helpful, advice, sharing as the components. So, for next time we need to solve the overlap and distinguish the categories into three or more that represent the motives for donating money. Last we need to analyse the organisations we are going to do the interviews with. We need to describe what the goals of these organisations are, what do they offer for their clients/ do they deal with actions to customer acquisition? Kristel made a circle of three, in which we need to write our top three of organisations we love to do the interview with.

This was my last post before Christmas break! Everyone Merry Christmas and a happy new year!




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