Internship blog week 51 – M. van der Burg

Internship blog week 51 – M. van der Burg

This week we had our meeting with Irma Borst about the progress of our internship. We are going to change our challenge again and start with a business plan in January. During the last months we gained quite some knowledge about SEEDS itself and how it’s presents itself to new entrepreneurs. We will be applying this knowledge and experience in January to come up with a relevant business plan for SEEDS. Our business plan will focus on how SEEDS should position itself within ABN AMRO and how it should benefit from its relation with ABN AMRO, but this is still subject to change.

During the recent months we have worked on selection tools for crowd funding, we have accomplished this by researching which properties a business plan should have in order to be a successful crowd funding campaign. Furthermore we have researched the AIDA marketing model, we will definitely be able to use some of our results for our business plan.

We are looking forward to January to come up with an interesting business plan which will have to goal to attract more entrepreneurs to SEEDS crowd funding platform. This goal will be accomplished by highlighting the benefits ABN AMRO can provide SEEDS. Furthermore we will apply some of our data we have gained during our previous challenge.

See you in January!




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