Internship – Week 50 – J.Toivonen

Internship – Week 50 – J.Toivonen


According to interviews we have made so far, it seems like our ideas for the valorization project are inspirational, but also need to be more detailed of course. This Friday was our last internship day in this year, and we will continue with the project on January. The idea is to collect more data, talk with more people to get an understanding what is really needed in Science Park. I still have one appointment for next week and I will focus on these three action plans we have: website, student association and location.

We have talked with people from ACE and Science Park. On January, the plan is to talk also with students in order to understand if the student organization would be a relevant idea, and if so, how it should be organized. However, there are still a lot of open questions but I think we have done a great job so far, during these couple of months.

Since this is the last blog post before Christmas holidays, I would like to say, that this internship has been very interesting and I am looking forward to continue on January when we have opportunity to focus on the Valorization Project full-time, and therefore more intensively.

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