Matthijs de Mari – Week 49 – Entrepreneurship and Networks: Assignment 6

Matthijs de Mari – Week 49 – Entrepreneurship and Networks: Assignment 6

Hi readers!

This week we had to identify an appropriate innovation for entrepreneurs which has over 50% of adopters. I will be discussing a service innovation, which if you think about it nearly everyone uses right now, the cloud. Dropbox and Google Drive are both examples of cloud storage services which basically store whatever you want remotely and you can get these files back any time you want. Many people use this to store, share and work on projects together. Cloud computing is that companies are running software on other people servers so they don’t need to have gigantic servers in their own company to handle all of the data etc.. For example, Amazon is a provider of this service. They made it popular in the year 2000 even though it had been around a little longer than that.

I found an entrepreneur through the company I work for which offers IT migration services and asked if he used cloud computing or a cloud storage service. He told me that he constantly uses Google Drive (cloud storage service) for his business because of planning with the other managers in the company, since they work on a project basis they constantly need to update the schedule and different people are working to plan all these different projects. With Google Drive other users can instantly see what has changed. They started using this last year so I would say they are late adopters since the technology has already spread everywhere. He said that one of his employees showed him the capabilities, and ever since that day they used it. I talked to another entrepreneur who owned a programming company. I got to know him through a friend of mine who does computer science. He had a similar story but used cloud computing only on a personal level since he was concerned with the privacy issues. If his code got out because, for example if Dropbox is hacked, the project might be compromised. He’d rather have the files only locally instead of in the cloud.

I did my best to find three similar entrepreneurs who might use this innovation, but sadly I only found two. Fortunately I talked to a cousin of mine who works in a company where they work out statistics for other businesses and he told me that they work with a cloud based network. Nothing they do on the computer is actually stored there. The company sometimes gets huge pieces of data which they need to process quickly through a program and this is also done on a remote server provided by another company.

The diffusion and adoption of the two services I mentioned which the cloud offers is very high. Cloud storage services are very handy for accessing and sharing your data anywhere with anyone. Cloud computing saves companies a lot of money and time, which influences the adoption process positively. I think that the adoption process is somewhat slowed down by people who have concerns about privacy.

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