Luuk Staudt – Blog 13, Week 50 – Planning our final report

Luuk Staudt – Blog 13, Week 50 – Planning our final report

Dear reader,

As the students are filling in the survey, we had some time to think about how we want to structure our final report at the end of January. Wednesday is the extended deadline for the students to complete the survey. Despite the prospect of the coming Christmas holiday, we decided that it would handy to already produce the frequency tables of the filled in surveys. It allows us to indentify which items are suitable for further analyses and which items can be discarded.

In the beginning of January we will write the theoretical framework so we are able to test the clusters of items against the theoretical framework. This way of approaching the challenge enables us to go deeper into the analyses. Although we just found out the final report has a word limit of 4500 we are confident that we can still provide a high quality paper within the set limits. Our expectation is that it forces us to scrutinize the relevance of the academic literature even more.

We also set ourselves the goal of adding more interviews. They gave us some insights into the thought process of the gazelle entrepreneurs. Even though we are not sure we can fully incorporate it into our final report, we feel that it could enrich the report by just having the extra knowledge. Moreover, it cannot harm having some extra gazelle entrepreneurs in your network. It offers a lot of potential resources for the future.

Next week we will have the final meeting with our counselor before the Christmas break. With him we will have a first glance at the frequency tables generated by Qualtrics. I look forward to informing you about the results next week. For now, have a good weekend.

Luuk Staudt (2596898)


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