Joep van Gelder, week 50, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder, week 50, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder


Dear readers,

Today we had an early meeting with our internship guide (read: 9 o’clock). As our survey has been launched this Monday, we are waiting for all students to fill it in. A total number of 66 students has to, seen as it is a mandatory ‘assignment’ for their course. If they do not do it, they won’t get a grade. To date, 42 people have filled in the survey. By the end of the week, they should all have done this. We’ll wait and see.

Furthermore, we discussed the template for our research paper. In the given template, as found in the course documents of Entrepreneuring in Amsterdam, we find some elements that we do not agree with. This will be discussed with our guide, as well as with the course lecturer. An example is the Canvas Business Model. We think that this will affect the quality of the paper eventually. Notwithstanding, we are already going to write a theoretical chapter and we are sure that we will be able to deliver the quality that may be expected from us.

We also discussed some of the results of the survey so far. It was for example seen that there were only 4 women who filled in the survey. From then on, we went a bit of topic and talked about the possibility of this fact to be a research issue itself. Why do we attract a low amount of women to the Master Entrepreneurship? We furthermore talked about the upcoming Christmas events. In sum, we can say that inspiration for the blog decrease every week. There is less to be said. Therefore, we will await the survey results for now. In January, inspiration will be back, as the hard work will really start by then.


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