Joep van Gelder, Ine van der Spek, Luuk Staudt, week 50, Enterprising Regions: ASEAN

Joep van Gelder, Ine van der Spek, Luuk Staudt, week 50, Enterprising Regions: ASEAN

Dear readers,

This week, we have discussed the structure of our final report. Mister Firmansyah David already announced that we did some good work for our previous assignment. The structure of our paper will be a well known one. We will start with an introduction, followed by theoretical concepts. Thereafter, we will discuss the methodology and our interview data. Then, this data will be analyzed and discussed. We will all separately write a conclusion. We doubt whether we should implement all three conclusions in the final report, as was visible in the example paper. One conclusion might be clearer than three. We will work on the several elements this weekend.

In the data, we found three key elements. The Indonesian government plays an important role when it comes to stimulating entrepreneurs and making them ready for the moment AFTA is in effect. This agreement is likely to increase the amount of competition for local entrepreneurs. Lastly, and this is also a role for the government, there should be more Indonesian entrepreneurs. To date, there are many entrepreneurs in the informal sector. They do not pay taxes and they have poor financial settlement.

We interviewed three Indonesian entrepreneurs in different sectors. Their views on the AFTA agreement were mixed. On the one hand, there was an entrepreneur who was very negative about potential competition with new entrepreneurs. On the other hand, two entrepreneurs stated that they don’t have a choice. One of them did not fear the upcoming competition. This distinction of opinions makes our research even more interesting and we are looking forward to working on the paper, as well as presenting our final results. We see you all next week.

Joep van Gelder

Ine van der Spek

Luuk Staudt


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