Internship Blog – Week 50 – M. van der Burg

Internship Blog – Week 50 – M. van der Burg

This week our main focus was on data collection to design a theoretical framework. We have reached out to multiple companies for an evaluation of the website of SEEDS, we are looking forward to get some insights of other people and companies. Based on data from a theoretical framework we are going to evaluate this. Eventually we will use this data to design some new templates for SEEDS. We are aiming to finish our theoretical framework before the Christmas holiday starts. During January we will do our analysis which will result in a template and advice.

For our theoretical framework we have been searching for previous usability and marketing papers which should give us insight in what is defined as good usability. Combined with a marketing mechanism we hope to design a process, which follows the rules of usability, for signing up new entrepreneurs to start their campaign with SEEDS.

We are looking forward to come up with a really interesting advice and template which hopefully will be used by SEEDS when they are going to design/update their internal procedures for signing up new entrepreneurs.

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