Danielle Bitter, 2522532, assignment 6 Networks

Danielle Bitter, 2522532, assignment 6 Networks

In this final blog post I want to talk to you about Iphone like devices used in the food and beverages industry.

This is a relatively new innovation that is becoming more and more adapted in this industry.

We will call the devices Iphones. The iphones are wirelessly linked to the main system at restaurants, bars et cetera. It replaces the block notes and the big clumsy devices that are now being used to take orders and sends them directly to the chefs and barman who can then start preparing the orders. This way it saves time in terms of that the waiter keeps walking forward and back between the ‘computer’ and the guests. And thus creates peaks of orders rather than a constant flow which reduces stress and improves the efficiency. And in terms of the already existing wireless machines it improves on the following: weight and the user-friendliness of it. Especially the user-friendliness part is essential, it is easier to carry and also the operating system is more easy and efficient.

Placing it in a category choosing between product, process, or service innovation it can be argued to be placed in the product and process category. Because it is a new product and thus can be placed in product innovation but it also  improves the process of taking orders and thus is a process innovation.

If we look where the diffusion of this innovation stand using Rogers (2003) terms I would say early majority, because it is a upcoming adaptation and when you talk to owners they use them because other “horeca” owners are also using them, Rogers’ (2003) peer-interaction.

My former bosses, who both own their own restaurant, in Hoofddorp, with about 10 employees each, can be considered as early adaptors. They have implemented the Iphones, my first boss, about 3 years ago and the other one about 2 years ago. Funny fact my first boss inspired my other boss. So categorizing the adaption in terms of Young (2009) it would be contagion. A other restaurant in Hoofddorp with also about 10 to 15 employees has also adapted the Iphones at very beginning when they opened 3 years ago. They are also early adaptors, inspired by other peers and the adaption can also be considered contagion because there were too little other horeca places using the Iphones to consider it social influence.


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