Chris Boer_ Week 50_Internship Voordekunst

Chris Boer_ Week 50_Internship Voordekunst

Hello readers,

due to the fact that we had an exam and all kind of deadlines this week and the next, the internship has been on a backburner. We didn’t have a meeting with Kristel this week but we had handed in our revised paper after we, in coöperation with Kristel, decided to change our research. This week Kristel and Roy had both looked at it and gave us some constructive criticism, so we have to make a couple of adjustments.

Roy addressed the fact that we now have to work out the details on what companies we want to do our comparative research. Last week I wrote about this comparative research we are planning to do, so now it is important that we are going to find some companies that have actions that mirror some of the aspects that we are planning to investigate. What kind of returns do they offer for clients, and how is this constructed. Furthermore we have to work out the points we want to do research within these companies, so that we don’t come unprepared. The advice he gave us was to take the advisery report as a basis and construct our research and the interviews we are going to do in a way that gives us the most solid answers towards our final goal.

I hope that next week, I can elaborate more on how our research and the interviews that comes with it look like.

Till then,

Chris Boer – 1983342


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