Assignment #6 Entrepreneurship and Networks Ine van der Spek 2508404

Assignment #6 Entrepreneurship and Networks Ine van der Spek 2508404

Hello everyone,

Yes, it is said but true, this is the last blog about Entrepreneurship & Networks. And I must admit, I find this one to be the most difficult. The assignment tells us to identify an appropriate innovation for entrepreneurs, which is sufficiently spread (+50% adopters). And find three similar entrepreneurs to whom this innovation might be worth adopting.

In this blog I would like to discuss an innovation that already exists for a while but is still very relevant in my opinion, namely: social media. And for this blog, in particular Facebook. I chose only Facebook, because if I would chose all social media, this would not be a blog, but a book with many pages.

Using the terms of Rogers (2003) I think social media (and in particular Facebook) can be seen as an innovation with a very high diffusion. It started with young people, but soon older people and businesses followed, even my grandmother uses Facebook.

Businesses use Facebook to inform their clients, keep them updated, but also promotion of their products. Therefor there is not very much confusion about what kind of innovation Facebook is, namely a service.

The three entrepreneurs that I interviewed all had their own flower shop. I chose this sector because I wonder if and how flower shop owners use Facebook. I personally think that Facebook can really be useful for flower shop owners. Mostly for promoting: flowers of the (new) season, holiday actions, and other promoting actions.

Two of my flower shop entrepreneurs where men and had a shop in Amsterdam and Amstelveen and one flower shop entrepreneur was a woman and had a shop in Delft. The man were older man around the age of 50-60 and the woman was a young woman in her mid twenties. The woman have used Facebook from the start of her flowershop, she uses it very often, more then once a day, to show people what is going on in the shop and what new flowers have arrived. She is very positive about Facebook in combination with her business. And I would count her to the early adaptors, because she was very determined that she would use Facebook, and also immediately did.

The two older male entrepreneurs did not use Facebook for there flower shop, they did use Facebook in their personal life, but as one of the entrepreneurs said: ”I still don’t get it.” When they opened the flower shop, Facebook did not exist yet. And one of the men said: „It was perfectly fine without Facebook, why would I change it.” The other man admitted that people have mentioned it before and encourage him to start using Facebook for business purposes. I would count these man to the group Laggards, they sound very  traditional and a bit suspicious, and I wonder if they will ever start using Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed my last blog about Entrepreneurship and networks, I wish you all a lovely weekend!


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