Assignment #5 Entrepreneurship and networks week 49, Ine van der Spek 2508404

Assignment #5 Entrepreneurship and networks week 49, Ine van der Spek 2508404

Hello everyone!

This is already the fith blog of Entrepreneurship and Networks. Time flies! This weeks assignment was to re-invite an entrepreneur, but this time ask him/her about association memberships and the returns an entrepreneur gets from it. We were supposed to use the article of Teckchandani (2014) and the lecture of Ronald van Es to base on when we gave advise to the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur that I re-invited for an interview was the accountant. He told me that had been a member of some associations, however, mainly nonbusiness related and most of the time he was not a very active volunteer.

However, at this moment, he has joined the management of the basketball club of his daughter, a social association. This is also the basketball club where he used to play when he was young (16-26). Despite the fact that joining this management as a treasurer was not based on a tactic decision, I do think it was.

According to Teckchandani (2014) the best associations are the associations with a lot of variety. This means different gender, age, ethnicity, background, etc. Basketball is a very diverse sport, for young and old people, men and women and certainly a lot of different ethnicities. This is therefor a good example of a very diverse association. An other advantage to this basketbal club is, that he meets a lot of old friends, they have grown up, and some of them even have their own business now. The fact that they have shared this passed has now led to the fact that some of them are business clients.

If I must make a recommendation for this entrepreneur I would advise him to join one or two business/professional associations that are described by Teckchandani (2014). I recommend him to not only join these associations, but also actively (voluntary) participate. This could bring him more network contacts that are like- minded people and otherwise they would not meet (Teckchandani, 2014). With these like- minded people he could share information and find new business partners.

This was it for me for this week! Speak to you for the last time about Entrepreneurship and Networks next week. Have a lovely weekend


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