week 50- Entrepreneurship and Networks- assignment 6 -Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

week 50- Entrepreneurship and Networks- assignment 6 -Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Hello fellow Bloggers,

Today i want to write to you about innovation. The most important concept that always keeps our economy evolving. I think the smartphone is a very interesting innovation specially in the field of social networks.

The smartphone is a device which is practically a computer in pocket size. (although they seem to become bigger and bigger these days). The Smartphone is a phone in a computer. Its thought of it as a device with all the information you want to have with you when you are not at home. And that means all sorts of information. The smartphone is actually all three (laymen’s terms) sorts of innovation in one. (process, product and service)

So when we take a closer look into the adaption of the smartphone there is an intresting figure to see. When the first smartphone was released you could see that the innovators (2.5%) used it. Then later on early adapters took it over and used it too (around 13.5%) and then Apple started to produce one too and that is when you see a big chunk of people taking over the idea and buying a smartphone (34%) we call this early majority. later the mother of children who have an iphone want to stay in contact with their kids via whatsapp and stuff so they buy one too (late adopters 34%) and than there is the granny who doesn’t want to be left behind so she gets one for her birthday too. This group is called the laggards (13%). And i think thats exactly where we are in time right now.

All the entrepreneurs i know have a smartphone no question about it. But the struggle is now how to use them in a way that the smartphone is beneficial to them. I did spoke to some of my entrepreneurial friends in the business of consulting. Specially the so called ZZP’er. and what is interesting to see is that the service part of the iphone is really taking a flight. The apps that allow to connect to new people in the field is a service that is much used by entrepreneurs because it can help them to their next assignment. It is actually vital for them to stay tuned for ‘new conact’ apps.

That was it


Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727


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