week 50 – assignment 5- entrepreneurship and networks- Alexander van Ravenswade

week 50 – assignment 5- entrepreneurship and networks- Alexander van Ravenswade

Hello fellow Bloggers,

As written in the assignment i invited my entrepreneur back for a coffee to review the results of the interview. as i spoke about her work i also tried to find out about what kind of organizations she is a member of and how much. It turns there a lot to much to discuss about actually. She is a member of a close network of entrepreneurs in the field of design. then there is a club of people of work in the building there settled in. We talked about what the outcomes of membership of all these organizations or social clubs, could be for her as an entrepreneur. But before i did that i looked into the article of Teckchandani (2013).

Teckchandani really writes about association membership. In that sense the he thinks that membership alone is not really enough to examine if the membership is fruitfull for the entrepreneurial outcomes. Teckchandani thinks that the role the entrepreneur is playing in that association is more important than just being a member and relaying solely on the contacts inside that association.

So taking these thoughts into account i had a coffee with her and i showed the excel sheet with the results. And what we found was that she was actually looking into the right memberships but she lacked activation inside those memberships. What we did was to actually talk about what she did with all these contacts. What came out as the results also show, is that she keeps in contact via social media and drinks something with them at gatherings with these people. So for her there was still work to do if she wanted more out of her contacts of these associations.

She was very happy to have such a ‘consult’ although she new that if she wanted more out if it she had to invest more in the relations. The thing is that she has very little time as an entrepreneur but she would definitely think about it, how to incorporate these things into her working life.

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