Pedram Shadbash – Assignment 5 – Entrepreneurship and Networks

Pedram Shadbash – Assignment 5 – Entrepreneurship and Networks

Hi everyone!

I still owed you my fifth blog for the course Entrepreneurship and Networks. For this blog, I re-invited the beauty care consultant I interviewed earlier and asked her to what extent she is a member of networking memberships. Luckily, she could think of one extremely important network she is a member of. More of that later, let’s start with the theory regarding association memberships.

Techandani et al. (2014) noticed that sociodemographic diversity and multiple memberships of people have a positive effect on entrepreneurial activities. In addition to this added value, it is important to realize that being a member of an association containing other professionals who perform the same activities like you, has a great added value. Not only to the extent of outcomes such as information, but also to the extent of moral outcomes and feelings for support.

Luckily for me, the entrepreneur I interviewed fully confirms this theory and my believes as she is a member of a closed Facebook group of beauty care stylists working with the same label as her. This group contains almost all stylists working with this particular brand in the Netherlands, as well as all of the professional educators from this brand and the owners of the distribution points. Stylists ask their questions here on a daily basis and can rely on a couple of hundred experts who give them honest answers and have no feelings of rivalry or something towards each other.

For strategic reasons, it is extremely important for the entrepreneur I interviewed to be active on this platform since it brings her into contact with people who have more experience than she has. She knows that she can make her membership in this group more productive by trying to engage in the discussions on this platform, even if she is new and does not know everything. For strategic reasons, it is important for her to get to know a lot of people working with her brand and formula. For instance, if she wants to expand her salon one day and hire employees, this platform would be the first place to look for.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.


Pedram Shadbash


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