Faraz Khattar, Networks Assignment #6, Week 50

Faraz Khattar, Networks Assignment #6, Week 50

Hi everyone,

This weeks assignment is to write a blog about the adaptation and diffusion of innovation for entrepreneurs. We have to identify an appropriate innovation for entrepreneurs, which are sufficiently spread in the entrepreneurial population.
We also have to define the innovation in layman’s terms in a way that makes clear weather its a product, process or service innovation and describe the maturity of its diffusion in terms of Rogers (2003).

As an innovation I have chosen NFC payment, which stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a set of standards that are produced in a chip form and can be placed in smartphones, bankcards and other similar devices. Via the chip NFC establishes a radio communication with other devices when bringing them into proximity a distance of 10cm or less. The reason why I chose for this innovation is because it is one of the latest innovations that is being implemented all over the world right now. Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers have implemented NFC in their smartphones, banks use it to give users the ability to pay without an effort. I recently even received a new bankcard from my bank, ABN-Amro, which has a NFC chip.

When we look at the maturity of the diffusion in terms of Roger (2003), there can be concluded that even though the diffusion is pretty high at the moment since all kind of organizations and businesses are implementing it right now, the stage of NFC is still in early adopters. It is not yet a standard and even though most of the people already have it in their banks cards, the majorities of them have never used it or are even not even aware of the fact that they can. This will increase over time, because businesses now are implementing it and retail stores are switching machines so people can actually use NFC.

The three entrepreneurs I have chosen are: the coffee corner Loufe in front of my house, Lounge Cafe Berlin and barbershop the Graduetes. These are all located in front of my house so I easily could visit them.

The coffee corner Loufe, is actually the first place that I have ever paid for something using the NFC chip in my bank card. I visit the place often and for him this innovation is definitely worth adopting. Since people just visit the place often to grab a coffee and leave, NFC payment is a smart thing to do since it saves time and effort. The other two entrepreneurs haven’t implemented it yet. I asked the owner of the barbershop why not, and she answered that because it is not often used at the moment, but that she will in the future.

Faraz Khattar

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