Entrepreneurship and Networks – Tom Willemse – Assignment 6

Entrepreneurship and Networks – Tom Willemse – Assignment 6

Hi there readers,

This week’s blog is all about the diffusion of innovation adoption. I have to tell you guys about an appropriate innovation that has been sufficiently spread. It’s not hard to find such an innovation since these days the news is all about start-ups and new technologies or innovations. Since the government gave me a student travel card I immediately though of this as an innovation.

The government introduced in cooperation with all the public transportation businesses an public transport chip card, replacing the older paper cards. Every public transport carrier had his own paper ticket, with bad luck you had to buy four different tickets to get to your destination. Now with the public transport chip card you can travel through the Netherlands with a prepaid card.

This public transport chip card is mainly a service because of the paper cards it replaces and the time it saves. This service started at a small group that travels regularly by public transport: students. You can call them the opinion leaders, although they had no other choice eventually. There was a time (almost a year) that you had the choice to use a public transport chip card or the old fashion paper card. Within the students there were innovators and early adopters. But when we take a look at the whole, last summer everyone who wanted to travel by public transport had to use the public transport chip card. Although most people accepted and adapted the card a lot earlier, the younger the people the earlier they adopted the innovative chip card.

Entrepreneurs using a public transport chip card don’t have problems not losing the paper cards anymore in case they want to declare them in their tax reports. There is a clear overview online with the costs and tracks covered. I didn’t find any entrepreneur using this, all driving a private/lease car where they have to pay for a parking ticket with the same problems. In that case YellowBrick or ParkLine is a nice innovation to write about but that’s something I came up with after writing this all down. Maybe something for next year…

Tom Willemse


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