Networks – Assignment #6 – J.Toivonen -Week 50

Networks – Assignment #6 – J.Toivonen -Week 50

For this blog post, I will identify an appropriate innovation for entrepreneurs, which is sufficiently spread in the entrepreneurial population. I have chosen to identify Instagram and how it is used in professional context of fashion, especially fashion bloggers.

Instagram is a mobile application for sharing photos and videos, launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. By December 2010 instagram had already 1 million registered users and by September 2013 it announced more than 150 million monthly active users.

Many celebrities and opinion leaders have their own profiles, since Instagram is very quick platform to share information, for example compared to blogging. However, many fashion bloggers have realized the importance of integrating their personal blogs together with instagram.

Many times, fashion bloggers can be seen as opinion leaders when it comes to clothing and street fashion trends. However, since the followers of fashion blogs have only limited time for reading the blogs, I guess the bloggers have also a big competition of whose blog get the most of the readers. I talked with a fashion blogger, who is also a friend of mine, and she told me that instagram can be seen as a tool to keep the readers engaged in one´s blog an to inform the readers that now there is a new blog post. This girl was in a group of early adopters and can be seen as an opinion leader as well.

I also talked with another blogger, who is not using Instagram for supporting her blog but still making small business out of blogging. In Rogers (2003) terms, she can be seen in a group of laggards in this case. In her case, the Instagram using along blogging would be very time consuming and she needs to focus on her studies as well. Another blogger used instagram but didn’t integrate her instagram account with her blog. That is, she didn’t really promote her instagram account in the blog.

When it comes to integrating Instagram use and blogging, mechanism of social learning (Young, 2009) most closely matches the actual adoption scenario. When bloggers see that other bloggers get a lot of new followers for their blogs by using Instagram, they decide to begin using it as well.

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