Week 49 – Faraz Khattar – Internship SEEDS

Week 49 – Faraz Khattar – Internship SEEDS

Hi everyone,

After a conversation with Joost, the assignment of our internship has become clearer and we have set new goals so we will be able to manage to complete our challenge in a more scientific way. Before we were working on the AIDA model to improve the website of seeds and make it more attractive. But after our conversation it become more clear that we also have to connect our challenge to scientific literature.

Last week we discussed this with our contact person at seeds and we have set new goals and made a new planning that will have benefits for both parties. Currently SEEDS has not many active campaigns and we believe that the reason here for is that there is not enough time and energy invested in the marketing side of the business. In our new challenge we are going to research how SEEDS can be more attractive for entrepreneurs who are interested in crowd funding. Before we made a planning that was not based on scientific literature, but this week we have been working on finding the right theories to support our plans. Our contact person has provided us with data such as analytics, old usability research so we have enough data to use. We also made plans to interview people and there is a research lab that we can use to actually execute experiments to test our plans in the end. This is something that I really look forward to because we made several tests for the website and also new templates, with the right scientific literature this gives us the possibility to actually bring everything we have been working on the previous months in practice and see the effects in real life. The coming weeks we will focus on the theoretical part and after that we can bring everything to life by doing experiments our self.


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