week 49 – Enterprising Regions- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

week 49 – Enterprising Regions- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Hello fellow bloggers,

This week was a very interesting week. We had to interview people from our neighborhood. I’ll even in the area of Amsterdam that is called the Pijp. And in this neighborhood we looked at the  gentrification process. I interviewed two people and asked them about the neighborhood in a social way and in an economical way. Both of the people I interviewed where people with university degrees. I didn’t really interview people who are under the lower side of society in this neighborhood. But from the higher end of the neighborhood I could see a confirmation of the prognosis is that we had before. It’s interesting to see that the social cohesion in the neighborhood is not really happening between high educated people and low educated people as many people from the government expected that would happen. They expected that these two groups of people would mix in a neighborhood where both of these groups would live but unfortunately that never happened and it’s still not happening. So what we actually see if the segregation of people. And another thing that is interesting to see is that the neighborhood is becoming more and more expensive because the people that are living in the neighborhood are earning more money than the other people so there’s more money to spend which results in more expensive stores. We also asked for the prognosis of about 10 years from now. And what we actually can conclude is that this neighborhood won’t be affordable for people with lower income. The rest of research will be done in the coming weeks.

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Alexander van Ravenswade


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