Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Internship blog

Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Internship blog

Hey guys!

Welcome to my week 47 blog posts on my internship at the SBI section of VU university. Last monday we have used to send out the small open questionnaries on if the online portfolio would be succesfull and if it will truly be more interactive than now is the case. These questionnaires we have sent to some people we contacted in an earlier stage who are concerned in a certain way with SBI… These people range from alumni and old students to teachers on other universities and scientific organizations which has at least something to do with entrepreneurship in the field of technology.

We also managed to get in contact with the supervisor of the entrepreneurship minor at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, where the entrepreneurship minor contains at least 85% of practice and 15% of theory. We had a short interview with Atze de Bruijn who is the supervisor of the portfolio-department which is used for the students who do the minor. He told us very interesting things on how their vision is on a effective and interactive way of teaching entrepreneurship. Next week we’re going to present our results to our own supervisor, and hopefully we can start next week with some preperations to run a pilot  of the online portfolio in january in order to see if it is really effective nor interactive and if students do the exercises.

Nima Rounaghi


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