Joep van Gelder, week 49, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder, week 49, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder


Honorable readers, fellow bloggers and most distinguished guests of this blog,

Today has been a big day; the survey for our research has been finished. We made some more progress this week by asking a survey expert for help. Our regular visitor recommended her to us. In no time, we had an answer back and she made a list of useful feedback. We have implemented this feedback and, together with some final feedback from our guide, we finished it. It is to be conducted next Tuesday. After the survey has been filled out by all respondents, a major challenge lies ahead of us: analyzing all data in SPSS. None of us are really SPSS experts. We all passed the courses in which we had to work with SPSS, but this sometimes went falteringly. Therefore, it may be a good idea to refresh our knowledge of SPSS. A good opportunity – hey, we know this word from the minor! – will be to take part in ‘Bachelorwerkgroep 2’ again. We might be able to be present at the lectures, so that we can make a good start with analyzing the data.

Now that the survey is completed, we can spend some time on studying for the exam of Entrepreneurship and Networks next week. Also, we have some time to finish our other research for Enterprising Regions. Then, we can look forward to the holidays that are to come. After these days, we will pick up our work for the challenge again. It will be an intensive period. After data analysis, we have to write a report in which we present our findings. Which students will turn out to be potential gazelle entrepreneurs? Are the results satisfying or should we have taken another approach for this research? Time will tell us the truth.


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