Floris den Boer, week 49, intership blog

Floris den Boer, week 49, intership blog

Hi everyone!

With the Christmas holiday coming closer and closer, so is our deadline in January coming closer. This week we had our second evaluation meeting with Serena we set a deadline for a rough draft of the folder. Ine, Jonas en I will be working on that and finish it before next Wednesday. Serena emphasized that the folder did not had to be perfect, but that we have to make a start on it. We also decided to film our little movie to promote the Feniksgroep in January. Sere told us that was fine, but that we must mail the date we are going to film before the Christmas holiday. We also should start making contact with TV channels like BNR, RTL Z or the tv program Pauw. Serena advised us that BNR would give us the biggest chance to actually get on the news. The script of the movie is almost done and we promised Serena to e-mail the version we have now. Then we come to our slogan. In the end of the movie we want to put a slogan of the Feniksgroep in the middle of the screen. Our next to do is to make a top 5 and mail it to Serena and Ingrid. I also got some good news: the friend I told about last week who was a candidate for being a editor wants to do it for free! He enjoys editing movies and especially for a project like this he didn’t want any money, because it feels like a social responsibility and it’s also a good addition on his resume. Now that we have our producers team together I hope we find the actors soon!

Kind regards,

Floris den Boer


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