Enactus – Week 49 – Dina Zaouid

Enactus – Week 49 – Dina Zaouid

Hey! This week we went to visit the Albert Cuyp market to see what the market people do with their left food products. Furthermore we tried to contact Kromkommer.

We walked the whole Albert Cuyp market and asked all the greengrocers what they did with their leftovers. Most of them just let them at the end of the day at the street where someone picks them up. However, those people who pick them up are mostly poor people who can’t really afford to buy fruit and vegetables so it actually would be very contradictive to take those leftovers from them to start a social enterprise whereby we among others want help people in need. One of the market vendors told us that in Hilversum there is a company called Joop Sjouweman, who always has very much leftovers because he has large-scale food products. He usually just drops them on the street in very high quantities where after people take what they want. We’ve tried to contact them but they don’t answer their phone. Same goes for Kromkommer.

Joop Sjouweman however, could be very interesting our project because he could be a supplier for us. We will try to contact him again as well as Kromkommer to finally find a supplier.

Fortunately, not everything was a dead end this week. On my way home from the Albert Cuyp market I went to visit a local green grocer and asked him what he did with his leftovers. He told me that most of the time people with tricycles come and take the vegetables at the end of the day. He was more than glad however to deliver me those products at the end of the days, which we can use for our project. The vegetables are: Courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins, paprika, aubergines and tomatoes. All perfect for soup.

Thanks for reading!

Dina Zaouid

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