Chris Boer _Week 49_Voordekunst

Chris Boer _Week 49_Voordekunst

Hello readers,

Last week I wrote about the deadline of our research plan and what the research plan looks like. This week we had a meeting with Kristel to discuss our research plan. In this meeting Kristel gave a lot of praises but she had some remarks as well. She told us that our research simply wasn’t feasibile, because of the fact that their donors mostly like to stay anonymous. She had discussed this with Roy and they came to the conclusion that a questionnaire would probably give a lot of inconclusive information.

So in cooperation with Kristel we changed our research question into the following:

‘What are the possibilities, comparing with the market, for Voordekunst to offer something in return to the regular donors?’

Henceforth we will be doing comparative research as a part of desk research instead of a survey, the depth interviews however remain an integral part of our research. We will now take a closer look into what other organizations give back to their clients, and see what possibilities there are to offer to the donors of Voordekunst. In the end hopefully we can come with a concrete well argumented advice on what Voordekunst could offer to their donors. Because of the changes in the research plan we had to adjust the theoretical framework a little bit, and submit this to Kristel today.

Next Friday we are going to discuss this adjusted theoretical framework and take a closer look in what possibilities organizations have to actually give something back.

Till next week,

Chris Boer – 1983342


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