Benjamin Collins, MKB Amsterdam, week 49

Benjamin Collins, MKB Amsterdam, week 49

Hi everyone,

This week was about creating a new opportunity for more information we can use for our research. A meeting will take place with Hans Kerderman from the KC group, a company that is specialized in subsidy advise to SME’s in the Netherlands. They operate in different sectors, for one person companies, to stock market listed firms. We are hoping to gain a lot of specific information from this meeting that we can effectively use to increase the quality of our research. The KC group has been providing advise in this area for over fifteen years, because a large amount of the subsidies are focussed on sustainable projects, we think it will be of great value to speak to someone who has been working around subsidies for so long. Furthermore we are going to expand our literature research in order to get acquainted with all the current rules and regulations surrounding the sustainable grants in The Netherlands. Other than that it will be a relatively quiet week because this week the exam of entrepreneurship and networks takes place. But we will try and spend as much time as possible to keep moving forward with our research.

Benjamin Collins


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