Lucie Swart_Week49_Internship ‘voordekunst’

Lucie Swart_Week49_Internship ‘voordekunst’

Hi fellow bloggers,

It’s me again with a blog about the progress in my internship at ‘Voordekunst’! This week Chris, Danielle and I had a meeting with Kristel again in order to discuss the theoretical framework we wrote. She told us that it looks good, that we used good scientific articles and that we have to keep up doing the good work!

We changed our research question again, because writing a theoretical framework makes us realize that we didn’t have a good research question yet. Now we created this research question:

´What are the possibilities, comparing with the market, for Voordekunst to offer something in return to the regular donators?’

Kristel also told us, that we have to rethink about doing surveys. She mentioned that it takes a lot of timing creating a survey, but it takes also a lot of time conducting a survey. We are going to change the goal of our research a little bit and in stead of doing surveys we only going to take depth interviews. Moreover, we are going to make a comparison with other organisations, for example with a fitness school and we are going to look at what their goals are in order to acquire costumers and how they support their remaining costumers. With these organisations we will also do some interviews.

Now we will focus on the comparison aspect and we will contact some people to do the interviews with.

Next Friday we have a meeting with Kristel again!

See you!






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