Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 5 – Week 48

Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 5 – Week 48

Hi, and welcome back to my blog,

Todays assignment is about association memberships. In order to fulfil this assignment, I reinvented one of the entrepreneurs that I had interviewed last week.

The 47-year old entrepreneurs is a member of three associations, two civic & social associations and one professional association. These associations are respectively a hockey, cycling and IT-association.

First off all, he told me that his hockey club was purely out of joy. To be part of a team that plays a sport and especially the friendship that will be established were reasons for him to join. It is completely separated from his work and he barely uses it to broaden his network. Secondly, the other social association that he is a member of is cycling. He started his own small private club with a few friends to discuss things in life during the trips they make.

The last club he told me about, it probably the most important one that we discuss in this blog. We are talking about the IT-association. It is a sort of club that organises small events and presentations where people from the IT world can share information with each other. These people are also mostly friends, so that makes him more motivated to share his problems and to help others.

These memberships, especially the latter two mentioned, keep him up to date with ongoing improvements and news in his field of work. Even though he does not want to collaborate the memberships with work, it might be useful to think of it sometimes. Especially when you are in an association that works with the knowledge that your job is based on. Maybe try to join organisations on some level or let people from outside his friend circle in?

I asked him what whether he prefers a civic & social association or a professional association, and he said the first one was more likely. He finds it important to be part of such an association because it can take his mind of work for a while. During the weekends he wants to spend as much time with friends and his kids.

Thanks for reading and see you next week,

Mike Spits

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