Membership associations – Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170

Membership associations – Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170

Hey guys,

For this 5th assignment of the entrepreneurship & networks course I would like to talk more about several association membership and events in which an entrepreneur that I have interviewed for several assignments before. The core of this small interview will be the attendance of my entrepreneur in several memberships and/or events in which my entrepreneur can broaden his network which is cognitive to run his business. The entrepreneur which I have questioned on his association memberships is my own companion with whom I run a tutoring firm. He is responsible for the financial and structural organization in the firm and he has (such as I do) associated with several memberships. At the first place he states that he has a membership on a magazine which is published each 6 months by the Dutch tax authority. In this magazine, numbers and changes in different tax laws are published which can differ from time to time. Also tax-related event dates are in this magazine which are very handy. This membership is very convenient for his place in the firm due to he has to run the financial part of the firm and must be able to be aware of the latest tax laws and percentages to have the whole tax view under control and not risking going into administration due to tax problems.

My entrepreneur which I have interviewed for this assignment also has a membership on a national high-school magazine which is published each 3 months where all things about exams and important deadlines are stated. This membership is convenient for my entrepreneur because in this way he can be aware of all changes and restrictions which can also differ from time to time for students in order to pass their exams. In this way he, and his firm can indicate on what moments they have to organize courses and in which different subjects. These are the two most important membership associations of my interviewed entrepreneur because they are convenient for the type of business he runs, namely a tutoring firm.

Nima Rounaghi


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