Assignment 5-Jobbe van der Maesen

Assignment 5-Jobbe van der Maesen

Assignment 5- Jobbe van der Maesen (2564136)

This weekend I invited Pieter for a follow up interview to discuss his membership associations and its returns. Pieter is a member at the Rozendaalse Golf Club, and he is an alumnus of Neyenrode Business University. In essence, both of these membership associations have limited socio demographic diversity (Teckchandani, 2014) in the sense of status. However both of them have members in very diverse range of business. The Rozendaalse has a greater diversity in profession, as not all of its members attended similar studies. Pieter attends the Rozendaalse about two or three times a week and meets once a month with fellow alumni from Neyenrode.

Neyenrode offers Pieter ideas for new business, a stimulant towards new projects, referrals and advice. Especially due to the business environment of the group the topics of discussion are often business related. Pieter mentions that it networking is ‘giving and taking’; he just recently coached two members from this association in their careers.

The golf club has not only become a source of useful business contacts, Pieter has gained many friendships there over the years. He uses the relationships for the usual networking recourses such as, information, advice, referrals the development of business ideas and judicial advice (Teckchandani, 2014).

Recently Pieter was asked to join the Rotary Club and he is thinking about it. The Rotary could offer new friendships, business contacts and social events. Pieter says he does not deliberately use different types of associations for different reasons. He says that networking starts with yourself: you have to be proactive and you have to have a plan gathering your recourses. If the recourses indicated by the plan can be obtained through one of the network channels, you make contact with the person who can possibly deliver them.

Pieter said that yes, if possible he connects people from different associations with one another if he thinks they can help each other out. So yes he said, you could say that entrepreneurship and business is stimulated by people that are members of multiple associations (Teckchandani, 2014). He also said that different associations require a different participation rate (Teckchandani, 2014). His Neyenrode association is contacted only once a month, while this network produces a similar volume of business-related recourses as his network from the golf club.

From this interview I can conclude that in Pieter’s case, his business association does stimulate entrepreneurial activity as effectively as the social association. This is in contradiction to Teckchandani’s paper (2014). Multiple memberships do affect entrepreneurial activity in Pieter’s case, which is in line with Teckchandi’s results (2014).

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Teckchandani, A. (2014). Do Membership Associations Affect Entrepreneurship? The Effect of Type, Composition, and Engagement. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly , 43, pp. 84S-104S.

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