Pedram Shadbash – Week 48 – Internship at

Pedram Shadbash – Week 48 – Internship at

Hi everyone,

Last Monday was the closing day of the crowdfunding project of Bag&Buy Food Stores: the first package-less store in the Netherlands. Bag&Buy managed to fund more than 106% of their target capital even before the deadline of their project at Even the media like, and reported on the success of this project on that day and a news reporter from RTV Utrecht came to our headquarters to shoot a video with Wim van Dijk, the entrepreneur behind this project.

To our headquarters you say? Yes! The deadline day of Bag&Buy fell on Monday, and on this day I had invited Wim van Dijk to our headquarters to fund money and awareness from his project in our organization. Luckily, instead of funding the money – we could celebrate the success.

It was a very hectical day and we had to call the PR agency that assists us to ask whether we should wait until tomorrow to produce a press letter, or do it in this day. Their advice was not to way until tomorrow, when the deadline would finish – but rather publish it now, while the deadline day is still running. They told us that Bag&Buy would be old news tomorrow, and hot news today since published it and other media were taking it over. So we striked while the iron was still hot!

The rest of the day I had a meeting with someone from corporate communication in order to set up a plan to raise awareness for internally. For this, we have set up several options. We also discussed our external communication. Curious? Read my blog next week! 🙂

Bye guys!


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