The entrepreneur I interviewed (Monica Popescu) is part of a number of secluded groups. She is a member of three professional groups. The first group is called Labyrinth, a network of independent freelancers in the sector of regional development. This is also the group that has given her most assignment leads in the past. The other work-related groups are the OOA and Atlantis. These three groups are all focused around the same business sector so the density is high business wise but more diverse in the personal aspect of the groups. These relations are the other way around with her fourth group, the Rotary Club. She mainly joined this group for fun and to get more in touch with people she already knew from her hometown. The outcome of this particular group is more social orientated; it doesn’t really have much to do with doing business.

When it comes to expanding any kind of network it can be useful to join several different networks in the same sector like this particular entrepreneur did. In this way you can compare multiple ways of approaching the job ahead. Every added network also gives you the network of all those people in the group so your own network expands exponentially. Her professional network only is productive if it leads to jobs and assignments. She joined more than one group to make sure that if a job comes along she will find out as soon as possible.

Apart from the professional groups this particular entrepreneur joined, she is also part of social groups. The group that is least professional is her small group of close friends. This group is purely for her enjoyment. Expansion isn’t really necessary in this case and productivity is mainly maintaining a good relationship. When it comes to the Rotary Club it’s a little different. Expansion comes automatically with new members but productivity is a different story. You want to make yourself useful in a group like that so she was part of the board members for one year in the past.


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