Assignment 5 – Entrepreneurship and Network – M. van der Burg

Assignment 5 – Entrepreneurship and Network – M. van der Burg

Dear Readers,

For this assignment we have been asked to re-invite one of the entrepreneurs we have interviewed for the previous assignment and ask him about association membership and its returns. The questions I asked partly originate from the interesting lecture by Ronald van Es. He defined the two most important types of associations, these are social & civil associations and business & professional associations.

I re-invited the male entrepreneur who owns multiple companies and is quite a successful networker. The information I had to use for this interview is from Teckchandani (2014). It’s really interesting to notice which how association memberships influence my entrepreneur.

Since this entrepreneur is no longer really active in creating new business and pursuing new opportunities. He is no longer full time member of a network, he does however visited meetings and presentations of multiple clubs quite often. He really likes to share his opinion and experience with other entrepreneurs. Furthermore he’s an active golf player where he is also actively sharing his experiences and knowledge. This is beneficial for both him and other entrepreneurs.

However he told me that when he was still actively pursuing business opportunities, he was a highly active member of multiple associations. The first member association he was part of was when he was studying in Amsterdam. He was part of an association with quite a few students. It gained him quite a lot of knowledge, opportunities, resources and friends. He stayed in touch with quite a few people from this association during his life. Ronald van Es did describe this phenomenon; trust is the basis of exchange in a relationship. So it’s important to gain trust among your fellow memberships. My entrepreneur managed to accomplish this and gained trust from lots of people which improved the value of his network and was really beneficial for his career since he had lots of people who were willing the help him.

He advices all young entrepreneurs to heavily invest in a network, it’s beneficial for your career and generates valuable friendships.



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