Week 48 – Group 3 – ER – Filmindustry

Week 48 – Group 3 – ER – Filmindustry

Hello readers,

Last week we wrote about our main research question which was: What has changed in the film industry since the disappearance of the tax advantages in 2007? But after we did thorougly literary research it became clear, that there simply wasn’t enough literature about our research question. So in cooperation with our teacher (Marja Spierenburg) we decided to expand our research question and make it a little bit less specific. This led to the following research question: What different options are there in the film industry to finance a project?

We have a couple of sub-questions that will show some of the different options. We will compare the Dutch film industry to the American film industry, since the American film industry is the most prominent of the world. We will also discuss the role that institutions like ‘het Filmfonds’ play in financing projects in the Dutch film industry, the role of the government and the role of the film makers. Furthermore we will elaborate on city marketing, which can be a very helpful tool to get a project funded properly. Since local governments are eager to see their cities get promoted and are often willing to help out financially. These cities want to promote themselves and show the cities’ uniqueness.

Now that we have literature we need to write a theoretical framework, that should guide us in our research and should help us get better insight in to the film industry as well as how the government treats the film industry. Now we need to find some useful people to interview, we are looking into interviewing someone of the Dutch film fund, and someone who works in a local government who has a good insight in to the financing of the film industry. We would also like someone in the film industry like a director or producer who can gives us insights from another perspective.

Next week I hope we can introduce some of the people we have interviewed or going to interview in the nearby future.

Till next week,

Lucie, Jeroen and Chris

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