SBI internship – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Week 45

SBI internship – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170 – Week 45

Hey guys, welcome to my week 45 blog post on our progress on the internship on structurizing contents in the new SBI minor.

In this weeks’ internship we managed to getting into contact with a couple of people who are alumni and coordinators on entrepreneurship courses and are in a sort of way interrogated in other entrepreneurial minors on universities and schools which are spread throughout the country. We managed to find contacts in our own and of our supervisors’ network in order to know more on their specific point of view on our idea of creating an online platform and whether it will be effective or not.
We created a small questionnaire which our dear contacts have to answer on whether they think the platform is a good and innovative way to teach students things and to make the link between lectures and practice by doing business-cases more interactive. When can groups see things that other groups have posted? What is the best way for groups to be interacted in the sense of what to tell, and what not to tell to keep your concept or case secure but effective? These are all questions that we hope to answer after getting the questionnaires filled in back.

We think that the questionnaires could form a good base on if the whole concept is effective, because we talk with kinds of entrepreneurial professionals who have a background in at least entrepreneurship or SBI. They can also state how they filled in their minors/other study related things. We have already received a mail from 4 out of 5 contacted people, and they all accepted that they want to help us out by filling in the questionnaires.

This week we will improve the questionnaires and send them to the people.

Nima Rounaghi

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