Robbert de Kruijff, week 48, Internship

Robbert de Kruijff, week 48, Internship

This week we had a meeting to see how far we are and in what terms we are close to realizing the video and realizing the leaflet. My focus is on the video together with one of the other group members. This week we looked for an editor, which is pretty hard to find for the low budget we have. The problem is not only the limited budget, but also the fact that we have to divide the budget in a way so we can realize both the leaflet and the video in the best and most efficient way.

One thing we didn’t realize is the fact that quite a big part of the budget will have to go to a catering for all the people helping with the video, this is made clear to us by our director. This seems logical when you film a whole day and ask people to help you, but it is easy to overlook.

This week we did succeed to arrange some of the things and people we need for the video for free or for almost nothing. We arranged a cameraman with experience in this particular field of videos. We asked around for a good location, but that’s hard because it will have to be a location which has a good looking kitchen, a bedroom, a room with a table for breakfast, a study room, and a good looking office, the last seems to be the hardest to arrange. Further, we are looking for good actors through our own network and through social media. We also decided to do two meetings per week with the group, this way we hope to work more efficient and faster.


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