Luuk Staudt – Blog 11, Week 48 – Talking to a gazelle entrepreneur

Luuk Staudt – Blog 11, Week 48 – Talking to a gazelle entrepreneur

Hi reader,

This week was rather exciting for us. After being very busy with the literature and designing the survey, we finally had a little excursion. We were able to secure an interview with an actual gazelle entrepreneur. This entrepreneur is a multiple winner of the FD gazelle awards. He welcomed us in his office at 09.00 in the morning. For the next hour we were able to ask him everything we wanted. For us it was really fun to see that most of what we saw in the literature was reflected in his story. Very imported in his case was starting the business with three other entrepreneurs. Having four completely different personalities at the head of the company and knowing each other strengths and weaknesses was very important for his success.

In many lectures we have discussed the difference in attitude concerning entrepreneurship in the States versus the Netherlands. Where in the States it is totally acceptable to start a business and fail, here in the Netherlands we are still behind in adapting that mindset. Our gazelle entrepreneur talked about this for quite a while. He started several different companies before he found his ‘hit’. The fact that you are regarded as a ‘loser’ in the Netherlands if your business failed is something we should definitely change. These past experiences with failed businesses taught him a lot in how to approach business.

Today we are testing our survey. Different students will take part in the survey and provide us with feedback for improvement. It allows us to make changes to the survey to insure that questions can only be interpreted in one way. Next week we will open our survey to the students. Then we can finally start analyzing the results and see who has the potential to become a gazelle entrepreneur. Have a good weekend and see you all next week.

Luuk Staudt (2506898)

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