Danielle Bitter, week 48, voordekunst

Danielle Bitter, week 48, voordekunst

In my least blog I complained about the little relevant literature about our research question. Well the fact remains that there is little literature to be found in that area but we found some other good literature concerning our research. It doesn’t help us a lot with answering our research question but is does help explaining different aspect of crowdfunding that need to first be explained before we can answer the research question. We have found a great article on why people want to donate, what motivates them. This is an article of Wneg and Fesenmaier (2003) they narrowed it down to five main categories: instrumental motivations, which includes the desire for emotional support, finding friends, relationship building, group commitment, expressing identity and increasing self-esteem. Efficacy motivations support the fact being helpful to others, seeking and providing advice and sharing enjoyment. Quality assurance motivations include controlling products, service quality and enforcing suggestions/ evaluations.  Status motivations are all about gaining prestige and attaining status in the community. And with expectancy motivations you are seeking for future exchange from anybody and someone who provides help. This article gives us a good insight of the donators and we can therefore fit our survey and depth-interviews accordingly to find out if they are interested in a return service from Voordekunst. Besides looking into the motivations of the donators we will also talk about the role of social media in crowdfunding. A remarkable statement was made bij Bartling (2013) that exposure on a crowdfunding platform and social media doesn’t automatically fund your project, you still need to put in the work by engaging your own network.

Danielle Bitter



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