Benjamin Collins, 1841068, assignment #5

Benjamin Collins, 1841068, assignment #5

The entrepreneur I have revisited is Ria van Erp, who owns a real estate firm. She is a member of de Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars, also known as the NVM. She attends meetings of this organization at a regular basis because this can help in establishing and reinforcing her network. She is also a member of a group of local real estate agents, with whom she discusses business and big transactions in the neighbourhood. Techchandi et al. (2014) state that membership associations are usually non-profit. This is not entirely the case for the real estate agent, because she has definitely benefited financially from attending the different meetings. In this particular case, the local group has been a bigger help than the NVM, because the NVM is a nationwide organization that discusses the new or changed rules and regulations surrounding this market. Although important, it is not the best way to increase her network, since there are also real estate agents present that do not operate in the same market. In order for the different meetings to be successful, a few requirements are stated in the lecture. The main factor is off course attending the meetings, but at the same time, if you are worth knowing, your presence can be very effective. That is something that Ria van Erp said, it is very important to show yourself at the meetings, and meet others, because it makes sure that you get noticed in the business. In the real estate market, reputation is a very significant factor that has to be considered. A lot of the information in this world is spread mouth by mouth, which makes it vital to attend meetings and display yourself and your company as a successful player. It can also open up new connections, but in this case that is not very likely because the real estate market is not a place in which company’s come and go on a regular basis, it is a fairly steady market where people operate in for a long time.


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