Anouk Lambers_Entrepreneurship and networks_Assignment 5_week 48

Anouk Lambers_Entrepreneurship and networks_Assignment 5_week 48

Hey everyone!

The assignment where we have to write a blog about, is in line with the lectures we had this week. This week we had two guest lectures about association membership and networking in practice. The literature where the blog also has to be written about is an article from Teckchandani et al. (2014). This article is about how association membership affects entrepreneurs. To be more specific about this weeks blog, we had to interview one of the already interviewed entrepreneurs, for the second time. We had to interview the entrepreneur about association membership and its returns.

Teckchandani et al. (2014) stated that entrepreneurs rather join civic and social associations than business and professional associations. He also stated that sociodemographic diversity and multiple memberships of members, have a positive effect on entrepreneurial activity. Thereby, association membership connects people with particular professions and that can help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Therefore association membership seems to be an important aspect for entrepreneurs to be successful.

The entrepreneur I interviewed last time doesn’t already participate in association memberships. Since it seems important to do that, I am going to recommend her a specific association what could be perfect for her and her business. First it would be a good thing for her business to become a member of civic and social associations. That establishment is primarily engaged in promoting the civic and social interests of the members. Her company is about providing babysitters to families, so it is important to keep social interests in mind. Her company is all about being in good contact with people, as well with the customers as with the employees. But mainly I would recommend her to become a member of business and professional associations. Those establishments are primarily engaged in promoting the business interests of their members and/or promoting the professional interests of their members and the profession as a whole. If she becomes a member of an association like that, her entrepreneurial social network can expand which is a very important aspect. She is a starting entrepreneur, so expanding her network is of major importance. Also if she becomes a member, she can promote her business. People will get to know her business and that is also always a good thing. In conclusion, becoming a member of business and professional associations would definitely help her to expand her network and become more famous!


Anouk lambers


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