week 48- Enterprising Regions- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

week 48- Enterprising Regions- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Hello there,

This week is going to be very busy week. We finalized our research question. At this moment we are making plans to plan interviews with the respondents. After scrolling through our summeries of all the literature, we want to write the theoretical framework. This framework will lead to a research problem which in itself leads towards a research question. The real trouble i see ahead are two major things. 1. making the interview questions. To conduct a good research one needs a good method. In this case this means that the interview questions have to be spot on. As we chose to use a qualitative method for this research. Problem 2. writing a transcription of the interviews. This is a painstaking process in which 1 minute of interview will take 3 minutes to write out. As we talked about the interview with our mentor, he mentioned that the interview has to be around 45 to 60 minutes.

Aside of all this practical trouble i must say that the literature was very interesting specially in our research field. It seems that the Netherlands are not unseen in their ways of gentrification in their cities. Something that is quite new for me. Although i see it happening in the front of my eyes.

So together with all our planning talents we will hopefully be able to conduct this research in time and make thorough.

Have a great weekend

Sacha 2005727


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