Opdracht 4 ESHP-week 47- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Opdracht 4 ESHP-week 47- Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727

Hello fellow bloggers,

This week i want to share with you my thoughts and ideas from the interview. I interviewed a singer/producer. He produces classical concert. He himself is a singer himself (45). The other entrepreneur is a lady who runs a designing company that designs services and products for all kinds of customers (40).

The singer/producer is more a networking guy who relies on his in-crowd. A singer he meets people and organizations. That’s also the place he networks and meets new people. As famous people (singers) come to the same events he of course will go after them he is not really into networking events and social media. The lady is a real networker who uses a lot of tools to sat into contact and to make new ones where she can. She is spends allot a time working in the company (on the work floor) but also spends time going to special events to actively meet new people who could be interesting for her business.

The Singer doesn’t really feel the need to improve his network becauses he knows most of the real important people in the field (the field is small he says). Although he likes to get more in touch with entrepreneurs as they might be interesting for his producer activities. He wants to see if he can get more into business clubs and events where these kind of people come to together.

What is interesting to see is that the lady whas really enthousiastic about networking she only had little time to spend on this subject but she took every possibility to use it to extend her network and work on it in her free and relaxing way. The guy was more hold back and trusted more on his own achievement s already in the field. He had fewer urges to meet new people, although both are accomplished professionals.


Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727


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