Dear readers,

It’s time for this week’s blog and I’m afraid it isn’t getting any better at the moment! In the last couple of weeks we decided on our team project of buying wasted fruit and vegetables and making a sellable product out of them. So obviously our first step in the process is to buy up produce. The last weeks we investigated where we can get what we need and it has proven to be a bog challenge. We started off with getting in contact with local farmers but we soon found out that the majority of producers already have taken appropriate measures to reduce waste. Our next try was to get in contact with anti-waste organizations that can possibly help us along the way. They provided us with some information but no real leads so we had to divert our attention elsewhere. Last week we tried to contact wholesalers and to ask them what their waste program was. We found out the (off course) all the big companies have their usual way of dealing with their waste. Some of they didn’t even want to talk to us. In business it’s all about making money and a lot of companies don’t take time for suggestions like ours. So where do we stand at the moment? We checked of the farmers and the wholesalers, who both didn’t help us at all. We had a refreshing meeting and decided that it was time to get to local resale entrepreneurs. In our case we are set up to visit some local markets in Amsterdam and find out where they get there produce and what they do with their waste. In the following week we will go to these market (like the Albert Cuyp) and try to get more information. We’re nog stressed yet as Aron (our mentor) told us every project starts off with many complications. So more to come next week!

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